For some strange, although not quite so strange anymore, reason, there seems to be a building of negative energy. I see it in others as well as myself. I have theories about what can be causing this “bad” omen, perhaps in my own case.  I have felt slightly strange since earlier this week.  It could be related to contemplations spurred by the Medicine Cards. It is complicated.  There has been more tension at work… It seems as though my daily balance sessions outside of work are THE threads keeping the whole thing relatively stable. How? Why am i feeling this way?

The facebook page that I update on a regular basis, focuses particularly on positive things in life. uplifting things. light. inspiration. the yang.  However, my recent omen has made me realize that staying completely positive is a contradiction to reality, where good cannot happen without bad. nor yang without the yin.  Although my balance sessions seem to neutralize the bad omen, it has stubbornly crept back in the recent days, as if the Universe itself is trying to get my attention, and teach me something.  I must share this feeling because it has projected a strong gravity on my recent emotional dynamic. Could be related to a job I hate. Most likely. Could be solar flares. Possible. Whatever it is, someone or something is trying effortlessly to show me something, I feel it won’t stop until I realize that something, or at least put a genuine effort into seeking whatever lesson is waiting.

Perhaps it is necessary to leave Boulder for at least a day.  Balancing at the creek amidst the changes of Fall seems to be feeding a deeper yearning to retreat.. It is funny how the universe will begin hurling signals at me when it wants me to do something.  Lately the signals have been retreat, retreat, retreat, to rebalance self and learn.  All the right pieces keep appearing that tell me to go into the mountains to find complete solitude. Me and the mountains, only.  I have been keeping up with the aspen groves and their brilliant display of change.  This weekend will be peak time for many of the groves. One of the many signals calling me into the mountains. So here I go.. ready for anything..

As for something to observe, regardless of good or bad omen…

“When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive. To breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.”

~Marcus Aurelius

This balance has no relation to any kind of “bad” omen. instead it is more like one of those “threads keeping the whole thing relatively stable.”