didn’t really try to make the arch so symmetrical…. original intent was asymmetry. then it all just kinda snapped into place…

Day 2 – October 16th, 2015

In The Studio

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  1. LOve it, Michael! — you caught it and the magic of the location, lighting… you have a great EYE for creating the Divine and capturing it on film ! Onward and Upward !

    1. Nothing as amazing as yours, but since I first seen your work it’s gotten much much better. It’s my meditation thank you for inspiring all of us! (~);}

  2. Stunning! Do you do these large arches completely solo? Or do you have some help holding things in place? I’ve completed much smaller arches alone, but can’t imagine accomplishing something like this with no help.

    1. Sheri Smith Moreau some people get cranky, plus destroying them can be very satisfying, and also done in creative ways… which was the case for this one… recorded a reverse creation sequence that turned out kinda cool :)

  3. Beautiful Mr Grab just beautiful! Just saw you on tv and a I’m new fan of your art and postive message. You rock…..and I mean it from “rock star” way…..lol.

  4. My favorite part of this balance is how the bridge contours the reflection of the mountians in the background. Funny how things like that just seem to happen with balances. Almost as if nature had it planned way before the rocks were stacked. Bravo!

  5. Michael, I don’t know how you do this; I don’t know how you see this in your mind, but in my mind it is beautiful beyond words. Too often us humans see things as others want us to see it and not how it could be. You are a beautiful artist.

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