Diary of a Rock Balancer :: 

Stone Balance Art created* and photographed by Michael Grab — 29*/30 September 2016 — Colorado, USA :: 

“And despite everything, I think that if it is possible to die of happiness then I will certainly do so. And if someone destined to die can be kept alive by happiness, then I will stay alive.”

~ Franz Kafka (Letters to Milena)

Sometimes i become obsessed with certain creations. This was one of those times — for many reasons —

1. The scenery. The fairly specific red and grey rocks. Dynamic light. Intermittent rain. Fall on fire . .
2. Overcoming a challenge after having initially thought: “this will never work”. .

The fact that it was still even standing in the morning left me in shear wonderment. Certain it was the weakest thread. Certain it wouldn’t last minutes, let alone the night. But I awoke the next morning before sunrise to percolate my coffee. Camping creekside. Jubilated to be wrong! Photographed for many hours, more-or-less obsessed, fine-tuning various photographic compositions throughout an increasingly dynamic cloud/storm system. This was one of countless fleeting moments as clouds broke with on and off sun-lit rain.. At times too beautiful to play with cameras. .

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  1. It will be an amazing “library” of your works on the web site! Many of us would love to purchase your photos! With those type of quotes, you are such an inspiration!

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