2015 Portfolio is Complete!

In case anyone would like to have a look..

Here is a complete chronological diary of all 2015 work.. Many photos…. Lots of subtle nuances captured at various moments throughout each lifespan. Lots of writing here and there… Sometimes none. Any post where i mention some kind of useful technical explanation, comparison, or even general lesson, is labeled with the searchable “workshop” category.. and more generally “writing” if u want the psychobabble too…… Every post is timestamped according to the day of creation.. so it’s possible to see the flow and time relationships of everything….

at the bottom of each season you can find a menu of other 2015 seasons and a list of all the countries included in my work.. which link to all the corresponding posts/photos… somewhere deep down there is also a map i embedded in one of the posts that has markers for precise locations.. within meters.. to the best of my knowledge. i forgot where though ..oops… looking for it.. because its classified for now haha

Most of the posts were translated over based on past posts here on this page so all the comments at the time are translated over to the posts as well, which for me is a lovely aspect to include with each creation!

if you feel like diving deeper into the rabbit hole, just search for “2012” or “2013” which at the moment, is a relatively unorganized, unlinked abyss of older work.. and writing too..!


now onto the 2016 library..! :))

also calendars… not sure yet. on the fence.. if so it will be a smaller print run ~ LE 200… but no garauntees yet..

thanks everyone for your patience!

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  1. Krishnendu Pal

    Amazing Michael, in our childhood days we used to play with rocks, (putting seven flat one at the top of each other and hit with a ball), but i now i realized how a simple rocks can be transformed into a sculpture..
    thanks a lot to give us a new perspective and beauty

  2. Wow that’s a lot of work putting all that together. It’s a bit overwhelming seeing all your work in the one place. I feel like a child bouncing around a toy or candy store. Fantastic⭐

  3. An amazing talent and amazing locations and cinematography. I love all your work and hope to meet up with you sometime if you’re in the UK. Come balance some Jurassic rocks :)

  4. also for some of the photographers out there.. beginning around spring or summer, all the photos display camera settings metadata in case you’re curious .. primarily aperture and shutter speed. still figuring out how to make it display iso..

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