He who binds to himself a joy
Does the winged life destroy;
He who kisses the joy as it flies
Lives in eternity’s sunrise
William Blake

Sunrise visit to Mirror Lake.

Trick here was arriving early enough and working efficiently enough to finish before tourists or rangers began arriving. Mission success.

An important thing to practice in locations like this; National parks and such.. is to leave no trace. To work under the radar. and minimize footprints… this is generally a good guideline to apply to your own practice.

My favorite part about this that I didn’t realize until after the fact, is the small bird that decided to land on the dead tree in the photos. Happened so fast. I was too enthralled by the heart stretching experience in a serenely beautiful place

R.I.P. ~ G.H. 

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  1. O.K. Now imagine condos and apartmants and houses all over this place. Now you see what has happened to some of the most beautiful places in Florida.

  2. My partner is 3rd generation Yosemite pioneer family and he grew up there and lived in the floor of the valley – these are a beautiful tribute to one of the most intimately fantastic National Parks. Your art adds to its beauty – made my day!

  3. Seems like binding yourself to your joy, does the winged life employ. ;) ..and i cant decide if that top rock is a bird or a frog. It continues to morph.
    Love seeing your stuff with my morning coffee. Starts the day off right with calming nature, balance and sprinklings of perseverance. Thanks.

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