Diary of a Rock Balancer ::

Stone Balance Art created and photographed by Michael Grab — 12 February 2016 — Kaplankaya, Turkey ::

I became a little obsessed with this one. . . one of those “fuck yes” scenarios.. unpredictable weather but dynamic late day light.

The colors and shapes here make this an instant dr suess style balance (a favorite). would have lasted through sunset but was actually destroyed by the tiny shockwave from a small blast at a distant construction site….just enough to overcome the minimal friction and steep angle of the top contact..  but not to worry, it was quite the exciting moment! :)

as usual, all the photos are in chronological order..

favorite moments of light and angles throughout an hour or so photo shoot. lotsa clicks. shooting stone balance in dynamic weather is a high adrenaline artform sometimes.. this was one of those times. but in a good way..

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A good reminder:

“I, too, shall say what it is that I wish for myself today, and what was the first thought to run across my heart this year — what thought shall be for me the reason, warranty, and sweetness of my life henceforth. I want to learn more and more to see as beautiful what is necessary in things; then I shall be one of those who make things beautiful. Amor fati: let that be my love henceforth! I do not want to wage war against what is ugly. I do not want to accuse; I do not even want to accuse those who accuse. Looking away shall be my only negation. And all in all and on the whole: some day I wish to be only a Yes-sayer.”

~ Friedrich Nietzsche

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  1. I spent 3 months in Turkey many moons ago. It is the most extraordinary country on so many levels. The rocks are spectacular, I climbed, clambered, hauled and skipped over thousands of them. I also managed to pick up and bring home a crazy quantity of them from my favorite place, Kalkan. It was before they were so strict about luggage and weight restrictions….

  2. Thanks for the beautiful quote and for your sobering work, that is surely not well honored by videos that show the construction all speeded up. It would be great instead to give us real time — draw viewers into your intense slowness as your hands feel out each stone’s pull.

  3. IMO, of all your work that I’ve see here, this one incorporates the base as part of the whole more than any other. Totally unified and special.

  4. Hello Dear Ashley Anne. I am officially fed up with man’s inhumanity to all things. This includes man, all flora, fauna and the earth. I don’t know enough people who truly come frome spirit, love and respect. I am so pleased to have met you, to be able to share these thoughts. I get so much pleasure from nature, my spiritual work and simple things. The loss of the black rhinos is heartbreaking. I can’t even imagine how many creatures become extinct daily that we never hear about. All First Nation tribes offer us the glimpse into our past, present and future. They teach us about nature, spirit, land, respect, love, survival and so much more. Michael is an old soul who is able to share such wisdom, beauty and inspiration. Thanks so much for answering me.

  5. Hi Ashley Anne, I loved reading your words. The more people that are on the same wavelength the better our lives and world will be. As an Australian I second your request for a tour Down Under. I can imagine all of the remarkable places he would be inspired by.

  6. This piece is beyond comprehension. I need it on a t-shirt please. A constant reminder of what is possible when we are free of limitations. :-)

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