Initial variation with this top rock. Actually a completely different arrangement really.. but i really like that top rock…

Date of this photo/variation was yesterday (05 Nov 2015) at magic hour..  My favorite part about this spot is the way the water flows through these rocks in a metallic way, holding its reflective surface tension as it stretches through the funnel .. great example of the emptiness/transience of wave PATTERNS. plants, animals (humans), everything i’m aware of. .


Second Variation (made today)

This one is slightly up the creek from the previous variation seen above.

The diagonal reflection of the tree in the left of the balance is the same in both instances. so they are quite close, despite

“Those rocks are just as much you as your fingernails. you need rocks. what are you going to stand on?”

~ AW

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  1. I have been talking about balancing rocks for awhile and this popped up on my news feed ! I love seeing powerful things for the first time ! These pictures hold a lot of energy and balance , just looking at them helps me understand

    1. actually rain usually does not make them collapse.. only wind. and maybe snow if there is enough extreme counterbalancing.. but usually snow doesn’t do it either without wind.

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