Variation of the same rocks can make huge differences in visual mass.. energy.. receptivity to each viewer..and the collective. this is where personal style dances with the elements… elements seen only by souls…. some may call it a form of alchemy.. i might agree…

Talent hits a target no one else can hit. Genius hits a target no one else can see.” – Arthur Schopenhauer


Style is that indescribable appeal that some things have more than others…style draws conscious attention. and some styles are universal to conscious attention.. while others fall short of capture. Without a more defined style, people are not as captured. Humans have learned to survive often by picking out differences in their environment…. in the same way we pick out styles that speak louder than others…… and trust me there is always more. and always less. simple nature of THE fractal.


Different people are drawn to different energetic arrangements. forms. colors, etc… but when the focus is widened to the collective at any magnification.. there are more defined trends in attractions that emerge..  i imagine one way this translates is dabbling with golden ratios in spacial design. variety and patterns of shapes.. colors too, have energy. these concepts can be applied to all of land art.. if not all art…


And still at the core… the act of balancing rocks… and realizing a balance…. transcends the complexities of personal style.. rocks will never complain about how they have been balanced or stacked… so it’s up to the practitioner to create what they personally find to be most appealing.. balance can’t be faked. you make what you make.. maybe Alan Watts had a point. it IS all hide and seek… for rock’s sake. :P

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