Magic Number . .  ~ 7 ~ (168/24 hours after zero)

Mind blown.. until now, i’ve never seen a complicated balance freeze and then completely unfreeze while remaining intact. second sunset for this one… maybe the rocks didn’t get enough fire in the sky the first time around. 24 hours after zero.

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  1. Eliana S. C

    How did you start this passion?? How you could find this formations? I haven’t seen something similar and maybe that’s why I can’t understand how such difficult balances are possible. Could you let me know more about what you have learn through it. Thanks

    1. mostly by accident.. then I fell in love and kept practicing.. my formations are the result of daily practice for many years.. in recent years i’ve also fallen in love with traveling and balancing, which adds an exciting challenge! i have video demonstrations if you would like to watch the process.. here’s one from a recent post…

      also there are more demos on my vimeo

      Stone Balance teaches lots of skills… problem solving, critical thinking, letting go, meditative presence, patience, Persistence, plus many more skills that are useful for life in general.

      1. eliana S.C

        wow it’s amazing what you can get, it is really beautiful (as the previous comments say), im living in China and unfortunately vimeo is blocked here, but now in serching for the way to watch the video, im really really courios about you job with those rocks.

        im not sure if i could at least try once for longer thant 1 hour to build a balance like that, but i already admire you. thanks for your kind answers and when i can watch the video i’ll let you know what i think.

        wish you a nice time.. and keep doing it!

  2. eliana sierra correa

    hello, by a friend i knew about your post and your photos, but now im wondering… ARE THEY REAL ROCKS IN BALANCE or you are playing this some strong glue to let them be like they are in your images (I.m really sorry if I´m being rude, it´s not my intention) or it is real by gravity??

    waiting for a sooner answer and wishing you a good day.


  3. What is surely the most amazing with your art is that it brings us to gratefulness more than simply beauty or technicity, gathering all of us within the Hope it could last for ever! My god!!! What a wonderful world you are building!

  4. You are surely inspired by Divine Energy. Your mission is so deep… Just by touching our heart with this simple fragile Art…. As we are all made of.

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