Diary of a Rock Balancer :: 

Stone Balance Art created and photographed by Michael Grab — 21 May 2016 — Istria, Croatia ::

Full Moon Rise

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“The Tyranny of Expectations”

Sometimes you need a full day of intense let-down and frustration in order to let go, submit, and properly learn whatever it is you need learn. And only when you’ve hit bottom and relinquish control/expectations, will the magic come rushing back.


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  1. Wish I could see your work live and in person. I think the one dimensional aspect of a photo makes each piece even more incomprehensible.

  2. The circle of inspiration now here inspired the words so I can describe how from both of these poetic and visual meditations, the ripples of their truth and harmony grace all of us and, through us, the world. So, as usual, thank you, Michael.

    1. actually all attempts were quite hopeless until the last possible moment. was too windy to build anything all day.. became magically calm after sunset. didn’t even begin building this until the after the moon rose. and it just worked. <3

    2. Gravity Glue That’s kinda typical for the Adriatic, sun down, wind stops. :) I used to go to Tisno every summer holiday untill I was 23. As summer starts I can still feel Dalmatia calling out for me to come back! Every year since I last went there, I get really homesick for a few months a year… :( The adriatic is the most beautiful place to me, there’s just something in the air I can’t describe with words. Keep up the great work man, it’s amasing!

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