3 Days after zero ~

I decided to revisit my arch for some windy/sunny day photography. . finished this project fairly late on the first day (couple days ago). so i went back for more… for context, the last balance i posted was on a base rock slightly out of this frame on the right. same general spot.

anyway… a key i’ve learned for good stone balance photography is having the patience to observe scenes over time and see exactly when and where certain light occurs, often making or breaking certain compositions, at different times of day.. i had a hard time finding an attractive composition the day i finished this… it was after sunset that day… mostly dead light then. also, lining up an arch with scene elements is a bit more involved (usually) than lining up a single vertical balance. this is especially where millimeter adjustments of the tripod matter: camera perched within 10 cm of flowing water, but necessary. . . and now with the sun, things came alive in a different way.. really beautiful light peaked out here and there… here’s a glimpse

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    1. انا مش بنكر انك تقدر تحط حاجتين على بعض ويقفوا انا بنكر انهم هيستمروا لوقت طويل….مجرد ثوانى وبيرجع الامر لطبيعته……فى حاجة اسمها علم الاستاتيكا بتتعامل مع حاجات زى كده….لو ملاحظ ان معظم اللى معروض صور…..او فيديو 15 ثانية….لان مستحيل يستمر اكتر من كده

    1. ya the other perspective had much more depth.. buuut i like the light here most… might go back for more sun and different views cuz i found some other interesting ones later on this day too.. but dead light again by then.

  1. A beautiful arch. I love the process from thought right through to published picture. Nice insight. Good to know when mine fall I know I’m doing something right. ;) Happy daze.

    1. took a whole afternoon of ‘failures’, made the connection several times.. but the archline was a bit off each time –> further adjustment –> collapse –> losing the rocks –> refinding them –> start again. get’s to a point when deciding whether to adust or not becomes a question of another collapse being worth the energy… buuuuut… i’m a bit of a perfectionist… so i revisited next day early with a fresh mind… THEN it was the first do, more or less..

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