“What of Art?
-It is a malady.
-An Illusion.
-The fashionable substitute for Belief.
–You are a sceptic.
-Never! Skepticism is the beginning of Faith.
–What are you?
-To define is to limit.”
~ Oscar Wilde
The Picture of Dorian Gray

tic tac toe. highly transient. luckily got a few long exposures after nearly 2 hours of creation.

in other news:

another person seems to have become victim to the raging creek. levels are quite dangerous at the moment.. underpasses flooded, swift current. very few available rock spots.

i was right next to 6th street bridge yesterday and was suddenly joined by sirens and water rescue crews. fire department. bystanders… a couple police too! no problem this time tho!  also some funny locals joking with me about “moving the rocks” followed by “beautiful work!” :))

i really love this base rock. and the curve in the top.. difficult to balance on this subtle point.. hanging at the limit of friction. pretty much requires some level of tic tac toe or continuous counterbalance to line up for this particular balance point. working with extreme angles and precision is both pleasantly challenging, and quite nice to look at post-zero.


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  1. Amazing balance. We were going to tube down clear creek in Golden on Friday, and they are not allowing tubers on the creek until the water levels drop some. I guess it’s for the best. It’ll still be there to tube down in a few weeks. Careful in those waters.

    1. I’m going to Castlewood Canyon tomorrow. It’s a pretty amazing place. This will be my third time there, and the waters have never been high. It’s no Great Wall but it’s pretty beautiful. You have balanced rocks in some amazing places… You must be a champ of this daily sudoku.

    2. I will surely save the tubing for August. Glad you didn’t drown. We were driving by Clear Creek today and about 5 miles west of Golden, there was a group of fire trucks, ambulances, and police pulled over by the river with lights flashing. Hope someone didn’t get swept away today. It is not a lesson you want to learn the hard way.

  2. Gorgeous! The trecherous looking swiftness of the water captured in the time lapse and that ominous shadow in the background against your calming stack, I’d say makes for the “perfect balance. ”

    ..sad to hear about the victim though. Be safe out there peoples!

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