“So after thinking it over for a few days, I decided to agree to the presentation. I want to tell them the other side of the story. Success comes from within. It comes from loving something so much you would do anything for it. It means working hard on it because of the impact it will have on the future. The impact it will have on every single one of the fans that gets to stand in front of you and listen to the story you are telling. Do what you love. Fuck the rest. Keep out of the bullshit and follow your passion. That is how you wake up everyday ready to work, ready to change shit and make a difference.”

~ Nicole Cacciavillano (Founder of Sub.Mission)

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  1. You are an inspiration. Meditation is not a routine but a way of living, aren’t we all trying to seek the ultimate truth that is of unfathomable beauty and clarity? The unbelievable nature of Nature maybe just resides in the little pieces of stone, which we took for granted for too long, its very label, a stone, might have misguided us on what it actually behold. One can have similar question to all the small things in life, hoping to get an answer, that could change one’s life forever. Thank you Michael for the persistence and the love to what you are pursuing and to the Nature as well as people enlightened by your work. Keep it up!

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