“Sometimes I’m terrified of my heart:
of its constant hunger for whatever it is it wants.
The way it stops and starts.”

~ Poe

Sometimes (often) small whims spiral out into full blown obsessions. like this incident. On an early morning misty hillside behind my local cabin. As you can imagine i was up at sunrise making coffee. I first balanced these three rocks a few days ago in a nearby river.. I liked them so much i decided to bring them with.. waiting for the right scene to set them up again… This was it!… not an easy tic tac toe combination, but necessary. rather formulaic with the same precise balance points, but still quite technically difficult to zero the vibrational thresholds.

I chose to include this quote because it perfectly articulates the dream like feel of these moments.. in a way being danced by the rocks instead of vice versa. and the mist is a rare delicacy for most colorado dwellers.. being so dry and all.. something quite mystical about misty environments.. .

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  1. different angles would convey new info about the work but knowing photographically how to select a viewpoint is one reason the achievement is so arresting and looks so organic and alive

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