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  1. Don’t talk … and just take your time and consitrate just relly feel the edges of the rock and find balance in the rocks and your self

  2. Well done for your sculptures , they are gorgeous !! You really gave me wanted to put me and since I tried, I only desire is to make every day the balances !! Long live the Stone balance and serenity that it brings ! Thank you Mister Grab

  3. <3 so much action in that -- you make the impossible possible ... the placement of the top rock How is that even possible ? that's magical .. therefore YOU MAKE MAGIC

    1. Not sure there r some very cool rocks out there! Someone posted the most amazing Elephant Rock! Did u see it? It was for real on a BEACH!

    2. I have always loved rocks, I can’t walk and not pick them up! My dad had a rock polisher and had it running all the time! When I travel my husband will say no more rock!! WHAT? ?? I didn’t hear that.