more on this creation soon.. spent 3 days rebuilding it and shooting at sunset… tis the evolutionary descendent of a couple other previous creations at this spot… the middle rock here, for example, was the top rock of a recent post. And the top rock here was first used in a recent morning doodle. :))

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  1. hello beautiful creations do when it does not mind.I try to quarry and somehow I do not so nice but well you brush head. I also like Stone bridges will send a few pictures. How did you do handstands on the tip?

  2. this reminds me about being out here on the leadiing edge of creation, as eternal spiritual beings in human form, co-creating with the Universe our own realities for the expansion of all. Awesome balance brother!

  3. This is so dreamy beautiful . Theres almost a genie of clouds coming out of aladin’s lamp in the middle . Love the softness in this.
    Tough choice if i had to pic between this and the wave splash picture for a favorite . The dynamic energy in that one is so great.
    Epic work ,sir! Croatia was very good to you!

    1. hummm… maybe about 20-30 cm taller than me… which would be around 2 meters or just over… thought usually not really going for height as a goal… complexity, style and/or beauty above all :))

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