Sooooo, I’ve bin gone for awhile… but i’m BACK!  you’re stuck with me.

Just got back from the Swiss alps where I was flown in to perform live at a private party in Davos during the World Economic Forum 2015!! Definitely the biggest gig of my career thus far and was such an amazing experience!! I got the rare opportunity to inject a potent dose of extreme stone balance for an exclusive group of financial leaders around planet Earth! And they LOVED it!!

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definitely a very surreal experience. I loved every second of it! and just as i imagined, The human reaction continues to be quite universal! people were awed by my performance, I was awed by the beauty of the Swiss Alps. something I will never forget! so here is a small balance i made on my mountainside balcony the first morning I arrived. So grateful for the whole thing! cheers to the opportunities that accompany this lifelong passion of mine. i wouldn’t trade this lifetime for anything. SOOOOO happy that it all worked out without a glitch. but then again, I’m a master of performing under extreme pressure. and with the utmost standard of STYLE and GRACE!

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  1. Not a criticism of you, just the screwed up attitude of the planet’s influential people – did you know that more than 1,700 private jets took people to Davos, for a conference supposed to be in large part about climate regulation? Go figure :(

  2. OMG that is so awesome!! Did you meet Richard Branson? I was just in Verbier for the first time in September and it is incredible. Loved it there. Very happy for you that you had such a great gig!

  3. I wondered what you were up too. Then I though it’s winter kinda down time like. Then you spring this bonus on us. You deserve all that you’ve earned. Love your passion. So many lessons here.

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