Sooooo, I’ve bin gone for awhile… but i’m BACK!  you’re stuck with me.

Just got back from the Swiss alps where I was flown in to perform live at a private party in Davos during the World Economic Forum 2015!! Definitely the biggest gig of my career thus far and was such an amazing experience!! I got the rare opportunity to inject a potent dose of extreme stone balance for an exclusive group of financial leaders around planet Earth! And they LOVED it!!


definitely a very surreal experience. I loved every second of it! and just as i imagined, The human reaction continues to be quite universal! people were awed by my performance, I was awed by the beauty of the Swiss Alps. something I will never forget! so here is a small balance i made on my mountainside balcony the first morning I arrived. So grateful for the whole thing! cheers to the opportunities that accompany this lifelong passion of mine. i wouldn’t trade this lifetime for anything. SOOOOO happy that it all worked out without a glitch. but then again, I’m a master of performing under extreme pressure. and with the utmost standard of STYLE and GRACE!

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  1. What an experience and honor to have been asked to perform over there. Congratulations. I find your works tranquil and surene. Thank you very much!

  2. Nice. Loving all your positivity. I’m sitting here looking at that massive rock at the top of your balance and I still really have no idea how you manage to do that :D

  3. Not a criticism of you, just the screwed up attitude of the planet’s influential people – did you know that more than 1,700 private jets took people to Davos, for a conference supposed to be in large part about climate regulation? Go figure :(

  4. OMG that is so awesome!! Did you meet Richard Branson? I was just in Verbier for the first time in September and it is incredible. Loved it there. Very happy for you that you had such a great gig!

  5. I wondered what you were up too. Then I though it’s winter kinda down time like. Then you spring this bonus on us. You deserve all that you’ve earned. Love your passion. So many lessons here.