Magic hour.

It was absolutely freezing outside. (-17 Celsius) nearly as painful as it was beautiful. one of the more humbling learning experiences.. completely at the mercy of water and frozen air… First thing that happens upon dropping below zero is the rocks lose most friction against one another and my gloves (which were absolutely necessary in this scenario). working fast helps a lot in this context. faster than ice forms if possible.

A few more degrees down and things change again drastically. instead of slipping, the smaller wet rocks start sticking immediately to my wet gloves like a tongue on frozen metal; very difficult to work with.. especially since the base balance point doesn’t freeze under constant water flow. finding a zero point was mostly shooting in the dark. somewhere in the fog of rocks balancing and freezing together, stillness was achieved. once i got the hang of it, i took it all apart (which was also a difficult task), doused the rocks underwater to remove any icy surfaces, and started rebuilding with refreshed insight. no expectations… then the sun decided to peak out and light up all the sky. BRILLIANT with all the color, fresh snow, water, and ice! then i laughed getting back to my computer and seeing the internet still freaking out about a dress. :P


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  1. Yeah..forget about the silly dress..the ‘white & gold’ here is stunning when you have such a breathtaking work of art in the midst of it all ❤️

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