At first, moving to a new spot seems a bit alien until i spend a bit of time learning the local flow of things, noticing minor ripples, subtle variations in rock families. .. this is the same area i was for the previous creation. as usual, some of these rocks were rejects from the previous session’s search; jumping points to something NEW.

Some might recognize the red top rock in the group photo! it is, in fact, the same rock that was the basis for last year’s #zaf pin.

Mind Blown!!! ..cuz I first balanced that rock in Summer 2012!! about 200 meters upstream! I even found it last spring in this section but didn’t make the connection at first. picked it up again a couple days ago and felt the instant connection, through last year and nearly three years ago. looked at it from all angles. compared it to the old photos. CERTAINLY the same fingerprint. still balances at the same angle. same tripod still intact.

since the first time i saw it, it has tumbled through two spring runoffs, separated by one major flood and fairly significant creek reconstruction.. this rock must’ve been hiding in a safe place for it to still be in the same park (and intact) :)

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    1. Very nice! I gave it a brief try the other day; basic stuff is easy, but really don’t get how you do advanced stuff like your photo above. It seems like there’s some knack or technique that I don’t know about that I need to know about in order to do that. I dunno. Maybe I just need to practice more :)

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