Date of creation unknown.

This photo was taken today: ~ 3 weeks after zero

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  1. What does this mean, “three weeks after zero?” It took 3 weeks from start to finish? I’m so intrigued! A huge fan by the way!

  2. I am very happy to see you commit to the “stone eggs” I think that Peter is excited …;) welcome in the exclusive “club of the omelet impossible!

    1. Peter is excited to visit Lake Superior tomorrow! Pray to the God of wind (insert your own joke here) that I will coax the eggs to new heights!

  3. whenever i take a real look, at least a full minute, of truly admiring your work it calms me like a deep, cleansing breath. very few experiences equal this sensation. thank you. thank you. thank you.

  4. Here is one of my paintings for you… Didn’t know your gift with stones in that time… so I had to paint to realize those strange dreams I had… And now, just have to watch you do it. ;-) I love your talent

  5. Oh, for sure I’ll be giving rock balancing a try in the spring. I’ve gotten pretty good at placing huge rocks with my partner Ellen for our retaining wall to our new home. We love the energy that comes from the rocks. We did the whole project barefoot. Not bad for a couple of seniors. We find it safer barefoot. Better grip, earth’s energy helps plus there is not a nanosecond that goes by in which we are not aware of our foot placement for safety. Thanks for your reply. You are an immense inspiration to all who view your art work.