Rock Balance Demonstration 2012

The challenge here was making this balance happen within the 5 minute video limitation of my camera… it took about 5 takes to finally get it (AFTER getting to know the rocks). *FOCUS. Relax. the coolest thing is that the camera was able to capture the creation AND natural collapse of the balance before the 5 minute limit. completing the cycle. :)) so here’s how it’s done. *notice the technique of bracing the lower rocks while placing the next. the top rock acts as a pin to stabilize the whole structure, which is why it is very helpful to use a LARGE rock on top. plus, i like the overall design balance that the large top rock adds. and i love shades of red. as soon as i found that red rock, i knew it must go on top. it was a beautiful rock. :) contemplate, try it for yourself. all about presence in the moment. SLOW down. become the balance. :)

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  1. Misty

    You are an Inspirationally centered soul!‼️….What is the longest these works stay up?❓what is the average time❓? I’d love to take your workshop.‼️please send me info $ keep me informed.

  2. Dona Pope

    Hi I’ve been following your work for awhile now (& thanks for the comment on my 1st little stack on FB today).

    I love the videos! I’ve lived around many beaches/lakes/rivers my whole life & have always tried to be more like water – taking the path of least resistance. Since following you I realize I can change the flow & direction of many things. Thanks – Dona :-)

    1. stone balance has made me realize that much more is possible than what most of us have been taught :) tis a lesson in taking chances… but also has demonstrated a need to balance paddling with drifting :)

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