Full Moon creation — No Moon.. Snow storm approaching though! :)

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  1. Very happy to have stumbled across your creation this morning :) I would love that picture that you got of me taking a picture of your stack… haha. If it’s not a hassle. Happy Thanksgiving again!!!!

  2. last night i showed one of your youtube video to somebody, she did not want to believe it was true! so funny! a grown up sensible woman keeping on saying, it’s not true, i’ll never believe it before i see it live with my own eyes! it’s video FX , there is a metal rod holding the all thing, etc!!!

  3. Just blows me away at how amazing this and all the other pieces are!
    I never get bored of these, I can only imagine the time and massive amounts of patients that goes into doing something like this just blows me away and I’m so appreciative that I get to admire such amazing art, I would love to see one of these face to face or rather g ace to rock lol
    Way to go! What a great piece, a perfect setting :-D
    Thank you for sharing your art!! :-D

    1. Yeah man I’ve looked at this guys work. Completely nuts! He’s got a lot of rocks to choose from. I’m basically stacking concrete lol

  4. Beautiful! Finding just the right pieces to achieve the even rounded sides adds another whole dimension – Seems like it would make construction take even longer than if building was only vertical… Please tell us where this is :-)

    1. first one this year…! but still a bit sloppily executed. . tho if you ever make it out to Boulder, i’ll make sure we spend a few days here..!