Paradigm Shift : Less is More

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  1. cuz dry was not the look i was going for in this case. cycle back through previous posts and i’m sure sure you’ll find some dry rocks here and there, depending on the environment they were in. sometimes i leave them dry because dry highlights the true smallness of the contact points.

    1. Jay Goswami incorrect. water does not help or hinder the balance… it makes some rocks more slippery to work with. and it also highlights their beautiful colors :)

    2. it’s all pure balance. using the natural textures of the rocks. every balance point has a minimum of 3 tiny contact points. center a mass between those 3 contacts, and it will balance. the process of balancing is mostly feeling the smallest vibrations through the rocks as they touch eachother. with enough patience, balance IS possible. regardless of water.. unless it’s freezing outside. then things get complicated.

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