Tis kinda nuts to think that ‘Gravity Glue’ has grown such a huge (and all organic) social media following (53K) over the past 4-ish years. I remember it taking one full year to even reach 1K, which has since spiraled out of any foreseeable control through an inexplicable mashup of doing my thing, seasons, weather, people — media-booms strangely synced to full-moons and solar flares — not to forget all the other mysterious phenomena and shear risk-taking along the way (someday i should write a book about it all). And my core approach is still to put myself outside practicing a passion on a daily basis — *curious* about what the universe decides to show me next. I’m not here to perform tricks and stunts, nor fulfill any expectations. But i am certainly here to continue sharing my experience while delving into the extremes of a highly transformative daily practice. maybe that sounds like a waste of time to some… but for me it’s a massively challenging, and highly fulfilling, way of life.


here’s a creation from today.. **new favorite**. will post a solo pic of it later as it is quite a thing to behold in finer focus.. i haven’t posted a self portrait since December i think… so here’s one for the start of Spring 2015! already getting those special feelings of renewal alongside rising water and smells of rain.
THANKS to ALL of you for supporting my work!!!<3


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  1. Randi Kander

    You are magic, your work is magic and your writing is magic. We need more magic in this world. You should definitely write a book. I want to buy it.

  2. Absolutely amazing on all fronts. It’s fabulous that so many are finding your talent on FB here – and enjoying your gifts. <3 Thank you for sharing with us.

  3. My work feels like waste of time but your work certainly does not. btw that rock nearest to your left…….I have to look at it some more before i can feel in my head how it can balance :) excuse my bad english :)

  4. You are such an inspiration brother! Huge respect for your patience and craft. Keep inspiring the world the ripple effect is felt.

    Melbourne Australia

  5. Let’s see these across the nation. Sculptures of beauty and souls of us all as seen by gravity glue…. Attention arts managers museums , campus displays, established promoters, please do with respect and quality… Follow artists wishes only!!

  6. Getting chills when looking at rocks might seem silly to others, but not me. These Gravity Glue stone sculptures are beautiful and awesome! I love rocks/stones/pebbles so I look forward to seeing your work here! Any chance all these photos will go into a book I can purchase?
    God has blessed you with a fascinating talent!

  7. Yer killing me with these crazy things. My meditative mission for this camping season is to learn this art with my grandsons. We’ve got lots of rocks in southern Oregon, & my boys like to play with them. Stay tuned!

  8. I don’t have your special talent or extreme patience to balance rocks, but whenever I can , I will leave a small “stack” of river stones in your honor. Your works of art bring me peace whenever I see your photos. Thank you!

  9. You’re work is stunning! A favorite of mine to behold. I look at your photos often :) ‘Balance in all things except love and laughter’ is my mantra…your work manifests for me in the physical that which I live by. Namaste.

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