cherish life NOW, cuz the only gift really given to you is the present.

Crazy memory associated with this one. I snapped this photo around roughly 6pm local time. had to have my bicycle in for repairs before the repair shop closed at 7. Sped home, which was between this spot and the bike shop. Stopped at home to grab my skateboard, peddle down to the bike shop with all my gear, drop the bike off and skate back to this spot before sunset.

Things didn’t quite go as planned…

on the way to the bike shop, i caught an edge with my skateboard on my bike — went head over handle bars, direct face plant (teeth and chin first) into the pavement… a local resident stopped her car and took me to the ER, blood everywhere.. long story short, i Fucked up. ended up with 16 stitches on my face, and quite a shock, and no bike repairs.

Which has me thinking “cherish life now!”

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  1. Lol, gravity does not exist, it is made up to explain the bullshit of orbiting planets. It is air or water displacement that causes an object to float or sink. Love x

  2. Don’t forget the present gift or the gift present or the gift of the present in the present tense… someone wise said the ticket says you have to be “present” to win….be present and in the now…

  3. “There is not a more pleasing exercise of the mind than gratitude. It is accompanied with such an inward satisfaction that the duty is sufficiently rewarded by the performance”. ~Joseph Addison

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