Diary of a Rock Balancer :: 

Stone Balance Art created and photographed by Michael Grab — 05 August 2016 — Colorado, USA ::

This makes me think of a conversation i had with a wise land art-teaching friend, many years ago in Italy.. . (who also rocks the best beard of all time..) we discussed the way various morphology — shapes and colors, angles and curves — when arranged in certain ways (similar to musical notes), have the ability to inspire corresponding feelings and emotions.

We went on to discuss the feelings associated with each environment’s ambient sounds… steadily trickling water, rhythmic waves crashing on rocks, or birds in a silent forest, for example. . . in a way becoming my environment by internalizing its character, through the creative process. . . . difficult to translate these feelings into words . .

also makes me think 3D Reiki.

Also, considering the relative journey of creation — contemplation, trial and error, thought, stillness, patience, frustration, patience, persistence, patience — Overcoming — all crystalized in a single expression . .

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