Diary of a Rock Balancer :: 

Stone Balance Art created and photographed by Michael Grab — 24 December 2016 — Garden of the Gods, Colorado, USA :: 

from a short hike above Garden of the Gods last night. I couldn’t help but stop for a moment to breathe it all in. . . .. past ~ present ~ future

i hope everyone has something or someone to appreciate over the holidays!

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  1. David Litchie

    Hello again … Michael

    May I try to express how incredible all of your creations are … They are absolutely beautiful and amazingly incredible to focus on … The peace is very special and lingers on and on for the longest time after looking at each of your creations . You are indeed a very very gifted Human Being … I have never seen anything quite like what you Create … I sent you an E Mail to address telling what I have been Designing and Creating not having any idea at all after Creating My Smooth Stone Sculptures for the past yaer that they were very much related to Yoga .

    The people that I Created them for and as well sold some of them have all with no exceptions have expressed they have never seen anything like them before . It’s the most peaceful thing that I have ever done in my life being able to completely block out the very bust life I lead with my day job .

    I come home after a long day at work and turn out all the lights in my home with just one light over my desk and put some very smooth jazz on and start Creating and have been completely at peace for hours and at times not even realizing it may be 3am .

    It sis just so muc fun and again incrediblt peaceful .

    Sincerely Michael

    David Litchie

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