Diary of a Rock Balancer ::

Stone Balance Art created and photographed by Michael Grab — 23 February 2016 — South Island, New Zealand ::

Milford Sound, NZ

approaching high tide. . .

Just the act of getting to this spot is one hell of a trek. Not to mention exploiting a gap in the wind. Also… Getting to know the sand flies quite well. A worthy adversary for any stone balancer. But after a week of exposure I’m getting the hang of dealing with them… But Milford sound tho. What an awe inspiring place. The photo does very little justice to the sheer scale of this landscape.

Revisit + Rebuild, same stones, same order. rainy day! (24 FEB 2016)

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  1. I thought you might like this – it reminded me of you. It’s called Memento Mori by Konstantin Korobov. Double click to enlarge : )

  2. Love love love your work! The transience of your art makes it all the more beautiful and special.
    If you’re in Wanaka and need a place to stay let me know. Peace.

  3. Hey Gravity Glue my family and I have been looking into relocating to NZ. As a US citizen how did you feel there? I mean what’s your impression of the peoples view towards Americans. Would you live there?

    1. I spent a semester at University of Canterbury in Christchurch. I could certainly live there, no problem. No anti-Americanism that I experienced. The kiwi people are a right good bunch of cunts!

      *in En Zed, the “C-word” isn’t the same as here lol

    2. Lots of dreadlocks and bare feet everywhere… but not like in the parking lot outside a Phish concert lol
      Really earthy-crunchy culture.

    3. Thanks man that’s the feed back I’m looking for. I was reading it sounds a little pricey over there. If I can line up a job for when I get there how much money do u think I should bring with me as a cushion? Deposits on a house/flat etc

    4. I can’t speak to their views but the people I’ve met are all very friendly so far… To be honest, I feel much freer here (NZ) with nature than I do there (USA).. Future visits are already crossing my mind. Seems a healthy switch to me for any nature lover. But I’m also operating on relatively limited knowledge of the place at this point.

    5. thank you for the response! I’m a nature lover myself. I grew up in South Georgia and now I love in Upstate New York both beautiful places but I want more for me and my little family. Things are getting crazy in the states and NZ just seems to be a dream come true in many many ways. Safe travels keep us posted!!!

    6. Ive been to nz and as long as your not an ass hat or some other kind of cunt then the people will be kind and generous… Be good…receive good.. That’s pretty much the case every where…

    7. Paul ummmm the cunt word is the same here as anywhere in the world to many people that live here …. as you stated you spent your time at a university – way more to NZ and the people that dwell here than student life and slang. I heard years ago that originally Cunt was the word for a Wise Woman – sad that it’s been brought so low and is now such a degrading word in so many ways. Ive spent much time in ChCh and realise that many young people use it to mean ‘good cunt’ STILL the flavour it leaves is not good ….. period!

  4. I cannot imagine dealing with the flies. But a friend of mine went there, and she says it is one of the most powerful places on the planet. Great photo.

    1. @Gravity Glue… if you are taking the West Coast route back up the South Island, make sure to visit the Glow Worm Caves!

      And I’d love to see some balancing acts at the Pancake Rocks!

    2. I think franz Josef is the farthest north I will go on this trip… The rocks in Mt aspiring ntl park and fiordland are calling me back. Plus this van hasta go back to queenstown eventually..

    3. That drive out to Mt. Aspiring tho, right!?!?!? Love it! Truly a spiritual feeling.

      And fiordland np. Yeah, I feel that. The temperate rainforest is magical.

      Cant wait to see the pics!

      **just outside queenstown, the little ski town Wanaka. Check it out. Great vistas of the Southern Alps across Lake Wanaka.

    4. Haha yep absolutely beautiful. I drove up to aspiring on highway 6 between wanaka and another lake to the east. Gorgeous terrain. Fantail falls had tons of rock stacks!

  5. Come to the beach and balance the seashells. Or have you done that? I always try balancing different objects without success. You are amazing. Thank you for sharing.