Stone Balance Art created 19 January 2016 – Colorado, USA

Recently have been giving Terrence Mckenna another listen… more specifically a talk of his called “Unfolding the Stone” (coincidentally enough), in which he makes mention of Hermeticism and magic… curiosity led to more research. . .

As far as i gathered through light research on wikipedia, along with nearly 8 years of personal experience.. it appears that stone balance as a daily practice could be seen as a form of “Renaissance Magic” . . and more specifically falls under a theorized third of the “wisdom of the whole universe”, known as ‘theurgy’, which seems to point to a daily practice or ritual whose goal is “henosis”, aka, state of union, or yoga. One author even mentions the practice of getting spirits to “animate statues”

Terrence Mckenna went on to say “…but that’s the basic theory of renaissance magic — is to create a microcosm to counter the fatalistic machinery of the macrocosm”

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all this made me think immediately of balancing, because it is often my experience that designing these spaces of rocks carries a certain magic and even spiritual element with it; as if i lose time and, in a sense, lose myself in each unique microcosm. Not only the creative process, but also the final result, the way it seems to boil with positive energy in a way otherwise unfelt and indescribable.

anyway, that’s enough psychobabble for now. i might recommend going outside to play. :) <3

Rebuild (21 Jan 2016)

Same rocks. same order. *different day. *different build. why? cuz it felt necessary. to play more with the photographic composition, and the puzzle itself was delightfully challenging. one of those all or nothing, potentially bone-breaking type of puzzles.

most sensitive aspect was the two tiny rocks in the middle. both hanging on limits of balance and friction. . . making placement of such a massive top fairly risky, in freezing water, with bulky gloves, and leaking waders. . . but it worked out.

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  1. I haven’t finished it yet, but so much of what you share and say reminds me of the book “Dancing Wu Li Masters” by Gary Zukav. Pick up a copy (for next to nothing) and check it out, I think you’d dig it.

    A one liner review because I find it impossible to describe it better:

    “‘Stripped of mathematics, physics becomes pure enchantment’…”
    –Christopher Lehmann-Haupt, The New York Times

  2. I’ll always be amazed how you get the huge rock on top to go there and stay. Just looking at it is calming, I can’t imagine how good it feels to create it and see the final result. They’re always so awesome and beautiful! <3

  3. I think you’re stating the obvious. We already believe you and your works are magical. I’ve read that Tesla did some amazing, mysterious things with huge stones and people wondered how. I wrote a poem about you weilding ‘unconcious physics’.

  4. whoa word this is super interesting!! need to do some more research. go balance rocks in crestone CO if you haven’t. supposedly the aquifer under there lies on a huge bed of crystals and the energy level coming up from the rivers and water in general is some of the highest in the world

  5. When I look at this creation of yours a state of contemplation arises, a meditation if you will. They’re just fantastic pointers to the infinite <3

  6. I’m so interested in the science behind all this magic. I’d love to have a short tutorial about how to begin such a practice. Stone balancing is an interesting form of this and certainly appears to be manipulation of a natural environment in a unity-based way. Whole body experience… earth minded, yoga ish and meditative! Regulation of heart beats, breath, and grounding of the body in connection to all things in the human experience.
    I just read a study about how these types of activities heal and rebuild the gray matter within the brain in a short time frame…
    Where to begin GG?

  7. Just discovered your art and in love. Art is Magic, Magic is Belief and when both Magic & Belief come together, is born the Artist. Pure as the white snow and powerful as the sun rays. Inspiration comes in many forms and sometimes you just cannot stop looking. – Kiwi

  8. also something to point out… in contemplating why i find this arrangement so attractive… first is that beautiful top rock… but then realized the ratio of the height of the bottom 6 rocks to the top rock is near on point with Phi. :))

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