“Chaque passion donne au monde une chance supplémentaire de briser les murailles d’indifférence derrière lesquelles l’humanité a pris ses quartiers d’hiver – une chance supplémentaire d’entrer enfin dans la ferveur.”

– Christiane Singer

(if you can’t read french, copy and paste into google translate, it’s almost 2014. resources for knowledge are endless)


A balance like this is impossible if i hesitate.. I must engage the challenge with full awareness and openness of heart… otherwise, my efforts are met with collapse… learning to be consistently open is the hard part.. but a skill beyond measure. start by connecting with the rise and fall of each breath… become the moment instead of mere observer. In case you were not already aware… we are more powerful and creative than our culture trains us to believe. if something ignites your passion, so be it.

There is much more to this art than what some people scratch from its surface.. at its core, it flirts with the alchemical…. possibility, and conscious evolution…… if nothing else, it stretches the minds of its practitioners…and those lucky enough to stumble onto the mysteriously possible…  cheers to movers and shakers… those that destroy limiting beliefs…

I have a deep passion for my art… to the point where i’m often moved to tears…. but just as much as I love doing this, I also love the way it triggers powerful feelings in viewers..  the way it touches hearts more than i could ever dream of via words… touches in ways that neither them nor I can articulate… <3


So… I will continue my daily practice. with the good faith that it will reach someone. somewhere. and have an impact… no expectations…




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  1. So profound… I admire your courage to *live* your passion. It certainly inspires. And your words here as well are full of passion for Life, for Being. Your wisdom feeds the soul. And I love that *you* are moved to tears by what “you” create – to *feel* the awe of what came through you and how it transforms you… Amazing!

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