Let your thoughts remain calm

“Let your thoughts remain calm and you will shine forever.”

~ One Be Lo (of Binary Star)


Really the only way I can imagine pulling off balances like this is by the continuous practice of calming my thoughts. a sharp thought in the middle of balancing can trigger unexpected collapse.  Someone commented recently that the moments approaching the zero point can be described by “ecstasy” and/or “torture”. I can relate. Sometimes there is a fair amount of uncertainty as to whether or not I can achieve a particular balance. Their is always that element of unpredictability. What if I lose control and this rock crunches a finger? It’s always possible.. and develops on that sense of torture through fatigue. But it is unlikely if you remain completely present and have a calm state of mind. I might add that it helps to have abort/escape techniques in mind depending on the moment.  :) Through stillness, you can transcend most doubt. And any thought whatsoever can be let go of.