Learning to Balance..

“In meditation, you see, there is no idea of time.. but when we practice learning things, time is of the essence, ‘let’s do it as fast as possible’, ‘let’s find a faster way of learning how to do this’.  In meditation, a faster way of learning is of no importance whatsoever, because it focuses always on the present.”

~Alan Watts


Based on my own experience learning to balance, the process is very intimate, extremely careful, contemplative, EVERYTHING. Every experience while out balancing, and even not, ~IS~ the learning process.  A beginner’s attempt to go straight for making the most precarious balances will often be met with collapse, which is simply another lesson. Rarely have I seen a beginner even consider advanced balances on their own, let alone be able to realize them.. I’ve noticed that rocks have a way of guarding their secrets until experience catches up. Each experience a necessary foundation for what follows. Obviously learning to meditate or do anything will be a unique experience for everyone. But the point here is that this art form is everything to do with the present moment, and therefore has a way of suspending time and neutralizing any hurried motives.

With workshops I will usually recommend a series of workshops where the student has multiple experiences and multiple opportunities to learn. There is always so much more going on in and around the rocks, perhaps everywhere.. With more time and experience I think it is possible for most to pick up on the heightened frequency of seemingly magical encounters. various enchantments. romance.


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  1. I was out there this evening and saw you photographing your latest creation. Very impressive. Definitely a practice (art!) with many different levels of meaning. I’ll be back to see what else might show up in Boulder Creek.

    1. Thanks Dan, was my first time in that spot and it grew on me quite a bit this evening.. sooo, i think i will return over the next week or so to add to the garden :)