Normally a full day of live performing and meeting people in the hot sun has a way of exhausting the hell out of me. Not a bad thing, tis just the nature of an introvert i guess. So, for magic hour today i decided to disappear to a quiet secluded area to conduct a bit of personal rock whispering. Despite this creation taking an hour and only lasting a minute, the alone time with my favorite activity was a necessary therapy to balance an otherwise very busy day.

At the same time, as a whole, it’s been great to meet so many friendly and appreciative people. People actually travelled here to see me perform, leaving me humbled and grateful. the people organizing it have huge hearts that worked incredibly hard to make a positive experience for both the artists and the people attending, and at no cost for attendees. i also got a chance to nerd out with some other rockers, and really get down to the gritty details of the art form that only an avid rocker would understand. Bonds were built that can’t easily be broken. Anyone out there in the ether who might think i do this to pamper some kind of ego is sorely mistaken. anyone who assumes that a bit of ‘fame’ implies arrogance, should properly check themselves before trying to check me. one major reason i do this is for a very personal spiritual practice. i still don’t fully understand the point of it all. but i can’t and won’t stop doing it. the rest just seems to come along with a highly developed, passion-driven, skill.

ps. Llano has some really nice granite to play with. :)

and no snakes nor scorpions sighted yet! :)))



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  1. Stand tall, stand tall when the whole world and all its weight pulls you to the ground standalone stand unique stand different most of all…. You MUST STÃND TÀLL

  2. Voilà une bien jolie démonstration de difformité, comme il en existe chez des personnes atteintes de dysplasies osseuses (“disproportion corporelle”), donnant un avantage certain au centre de gravité ;) Photo absolument magnifique :)

  3. being at one with your surroundings, being connected, being in the moment, being we are hu man beings and you are extrodinnaire … love your work, :) Tepora Watene – Artist

  4. From one of your newest fans, you are truly a new kind of rock star. Each stack appears so serene in front of nature’s background, breath taking images.

  5. It is spiritual to me too. Connecting with the energy of the universe, feeling and respecting the energy coming through the rocks and loving that feeling when a rock settles into the place you were looking for.

  6. I love this.,I have seen some excellent pieces but never in the contrast of the moving water. I do not have the patience but would love to be able. There are chaps here who earn their living doing this with huge rocks. They will come and make it in your garden. But they use glue and metal spikes. Health and safety. Not the same as this free forming. Love it.

  7. Supplying you Rock Stars with food and drink all weekend was the least I could do to show my appreciation for one of the best weekends I have ever spent on the Llano River which I grew up on and still love!!! Your art of stacking rocks is mesmerizing and so peaceful to participate in as an observer. Llano loves you …..

  8. After Terry Tex Toler told me about the event, I watched one of your vids and tried a little of my own stacking.
    What I learned was that it’s harder than it looks, and forget “pushing” or ego or rushing. It’s definitely the opposite of that.
    You guys were awesome and it was very peaceful yet intriguing to watch y’all work.
    Thanks for coming!!!

  9. I watched you finish the double river stack Friday afternoon. So Magic.
    I took pictures and you took pictures.
    Then 5 minutes later it fell.
    We looked at each other and laughed.
    Thanks for bringing Earth Magic for all to see/feel and participate if they will.
    Many Blessings

  10. <3 the nay-sayers will be the nay-sayers… just live from your heart as you're doing … it shines its own self-evident truth and inspiration. Thanks for sharing your work with the world wide anonymous ether <3

  11. Amico… da queste parti si dice:
    ” se c’è gusto, non c’è perdenza, e tutto se pole fa! ”
    ” se tu fai, altri discorene, se tu non fai… altri discorene ”

    >>> Friend … from here they say:
    “If there is no taste, there is no loss, and all you can do!”
    “If you do, others talk, if you do not do others speak …” if google was not good, ask friend Pira Pirani ;)

  12. when you step into the arena of events and other people you are treading on questionable ground. But this is where we connect. If you have the luxury, proceed slowly and deliberately. If you do not, follow your heart, and hang on for the ride…

  13. You are a truly spiritual person….I was so happy to see your work at the Llano Earth Art Festival. helped our little town discover this art of rock balancing and as you just described…. a more spiritual side that resides in us all…just waiting for the chance to bloom! Thank you for that!♡♡♡

  14. Michael thank you for the inspiration. Your work is amazing. About the ego issue : my personal goal is to get to the point where I won’t even have the need to document them or share the final balance. That,in my opinion, is the pure and highest level of what we do.

  15. You are a Rock whisperer, perfect description and to spend it alone. You are humble in your work, I would love to be the squirrel in the tree watching you whisper. Never stop, you are an inspiration to me.

  16. The beauty of this art form is the lack of ego. I love walking away from a creek bed after hours of creating knowing that I am a faceless artist for the next passerby.

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