Lake Louise, Banff National Park
Alberta, Canada.

i remember rendering this iconic landscape many years ago with oil paint, and have since drooled at the opportunity to balance rocks in her majesty. at first glance, there are not really many rocks to balance at all. most were too large to lift. but this balance came about mostly through following a whim (like usual) after having a 32 oz. “grizzly paw” IPA, chillin on a patio with my mom and sister. they were gracious enough to tolerate my obsession just a bit longer. however, when things flow, they flow hard, and this creation materialized almost instantly once i fully engaged. it also seemed the wind finally responded to my intent and died down to a dead calm in these late afternoon hours. after already spending some time at the site, my highly sensitive rock radar revealed the smaller rocks necessary to cement a vague vision. couldn’t have asked for much more than this. i must’ve glowed with delight, enthralled in my creation… for a short time this balance became the still point of the entire universe.

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  1. Was at lake Louise this summer, your peaceful rocks are such a balance to the overwhelming tourist energy at this beautiful spot. Would love to see you in action when you are home in Colorado

  2. Living in Australia I can only ever dream of being able to see one of your masterpieces ! I absolutely enjoy your beautiful creations thanks to social media and I give thanks to you – immensely.

  3. someday I hope to see you work in person … as usual I am in AWE!! THANK YOU so much for creating this beautiful art and sharing the picture of your artwork with us!! BLESSINGS & <3 HUGS!!

    1. These rock sculptures leave nothing – they fall down & back into the rock pile or the lake. I don’t see how this is vandalism at all. Just turn around & look at the tourist parking lots – THAT is vandalism!

    2. Thanks Michael for ur narrow minded and self centered opinion. Kindly remove stick from ass. In fact, several tourists on site were upset that I removed it upon leaving. Because believe it or not I also operate with a leave no footprints policy. I will never stop what I do. Deal with it or well up with anger. Ur choice. No fucks given. Mmmmm’kay??

    3. van·dal·ism
      action involving deliberate destruction of or damage to public or private property.

      Hmm how exactly is stacking rocks destruction of property again? I would hate to live in a world where feeling the dirt and rocks in your fingers was considered a crime.

    4. “for a short time this balance became the still point of the entire universe” – an excellent Gravity Glue perspective which overrides any ignorance from other people. The image you posted is awesome, especially between the mountains and slightly off-centre, but to view it in real life must be more so, even if it exists for a short time. I can’t understand how others can’t comprehend the strength and patience that goes into such a beautiful and ‘living’ piece of art that may exist for a few minutes/hours/days. Although Michael is entitled to his own opinion, in my opinion he should keep his self-centred vandalism of stupidly criticising works of ART and perhaps change his picture from someone smiling to a ‘grumpy old fart!” That’s my opinion anyway!!!

    5. My homie posted a picture of himself meditating naked in Yosemite recently and had a similar response that you got saying it was disrespectful to be naked on top of a mountain.. people seem to be completely losing touch with what comes naturally to us.. expression in any form that doesn’t hurt others or our surroundings isn’t vandalism and it isn’t disrespectful in any way. This piece is absolutely beautiful brother thank you for putting in the work and sharing it with us

    6. The problem is communication. Michael Menaker made a mistake in assuming that the rocks stayed. The problem in the world generally is that people do stack rocks and leave them as cairns, which is a real problem in places like Sedona.

    7. He didn’t truck in an invasive species of rocks or anything. (That was a joke…) He used what was there, and all of the materials used stayed there. They were just moved around. Please explain how you think that would be vandalism.

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