“The secret to happiness is freedom… And the secret to freedom is courage.”
~ Thucydides
This is also among my favorite general styles; Jedi Style ~ which also includes Tic Tac Toe’s, but not in this example.

This is a kind of stacked balance *with* what I call Programmed Collapse. This is where the rocks are balanced in such a way that they all disappear back into the water or elements upon collapse, using gravity to erase the footprint. This almost always depends on counterbalancing. the lowest rock (or first moveable rock) either on point, or at some kind of downward angle, where the weight of the top rock is required to keep the bottom in balance.

In this example, based on how the tension of the thread felt, the whole will most likely begin collapsing at the narrow connection under the spotted rock, which will unbalance the lowest one. Not a soul would have a clue of my presence.


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  1. This philosophy is similar to the Tibetan monks who create a sand mandala, and then destroy it when they are finished. Those of us who arrive on the final day can take home some of the sand.

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