One of the most common questions that comes up lately is… “HOW?!?” (especially on social media)

the question always makes me laugh a bit.. why? cuz to me the answer is self evident. in a language of relatively sub-par dexterity i would say “put one rock on top of another.” not much more to it that i could explain in words to have you understand. kinda like explaining how i make my heart beat. i just do it. i can’t explain “how”.

occasionally i come across a huge egg rock that i can barely lift, let alone lift precisely into balance atop 3 others with a slight curl. but i like em, cuz they’re pretty :))

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  1. Not quite like a heartbeat, which doesnt have a voluntary option- you cant not beat it, perhaps more like breathing, partly done by you if you choose and mostly by itself when we space out. Yes I have done a two or three rock pile, but not these offset ones. You can’t just pile and hope, because the heavier one will require a new stability of all the others. And yes my breath is mostly held… So, how many tries before it stays?

  2. My first one!!! I did it in a waterfall. Sorry for the cell pic, but it was in a waterfall and it’s my only waterproof camera. I really felt connected to the waterfall after spending time with it :)

  3. I think you have developed,or you are naturally endowed with,a tactile feeling similar to that shown by soccer players when they bounce,or to that displayed by some martial artist after a loong can just feel where the right balance is taking’s a form of developed intuition ;)

  4. Seeing your art helps me focus inside my core. Thanks for all you write about. Todays post has me thinking…I can do more than I thought I could when I just trust myself and go for it.

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