middle of a snow storm

as soon as it began snowing on this orb, everything in my life went on hold for a few days. i hiked up and down the frozen mountain in the dark and stayed all day to record the evolution of the storm. cold. beautiful. made sure to pack a hot cup of coffee and hand warmers each morning. serious business considering my toe almost froze once. but sooooooooooooooo beautiful up on the side of a mountain inside the storm. thunderous silence! only other animal sounds i heard were the occasional hikers and a few crows that inhabited the surrounding forest.


to kill the suspense (kinda)… i destroyed this creation yesterday. tis gone. no more. finished. i’m free. but the total life after creation was 3 nights/days. started raining and then snowing the first night i left it. 3 days is the longest i’ve ever left one of these standing, for various reasons. this photo is from early on day 2 of the storm (Friday). this is the only time that day that the sun became barely visible through the clouds.

i have tons of photos of this creation evolving through the final 24 hours that i’ll post more or less in sequence. then a dramatic switch of scenery beginning in december. <3

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  1. Thank you, Thank you for this profoundly moving work you do and the way you share it. I remember stumbling on a Goldsworthy egg one day in France, very unexpectedly and how it left a lasting impression of the collaboration that is possible when man and nature are in harmony….i would love to stumble across one of yours…

  2. I appreciate that this is a temporary installation/process piece.. :) some folks in this area seem to want their little monuments, everywhere.. and they are nowhere near and good and interesting as this..

    1. common hiking spot. tis built on the edge of one of many stone chairs for hikers. every hiker who saw it really loved it but high traffic can pose a safety risk. which is why i arrived first and left last each day.

    1. the hundreds of rocks are all arranged in such a way, so that their collective weight is all focused down through a single tiny rock. overall process was 5-6 hours.

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