“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader. ”

~John Quincy Adams


Full Moons are times of heightened energy. I have begun taking a few favorite rocks in my bag and balancing them in various locations during full moons.  Riding around at night has become a nice way to clear my mind while tapping into my creative flow. With the creek, balancing is generally a day activity, but with the brilliant glow of full moons, midnight has also become a time to balance and experiment with night photography.


My astrological sign shares a close intimacy with the moon. As a double cancer, it is my governing body, supposedly affecting my emotional states and stirring them more than I notice.  I have always reached a calm contentment whenever I observe the moon. Silent strength. It deeply inspires my being and the connection I feel with my surroundings. The primal and ancient relationship we all share with the moon underpins our collective unconscious in a way. ALL of our ancestors and nearly all life on earth have witnessed its phases as if a mirror of the ebb and flow of life itself. There is no reason the moon should not have my appreciation and reverence. So these photos are this month’s thanksgiving for the moon’s presence and support. I hope to portray our collective appreciation through this balance. The night photography is rather therapeutic as well. :)

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