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  1. This is the most definitive one that I have seen. Magic eleven in a seemingly impossible arrangement, and perfectly photographed with the artist…my favourite yet. Your work is so amazing I almost want to give up balancing, but at the same time you inspire me to keep trying…thanks…

  2. Adore this sculpture. Are the pieces held together balance or a king of adhesive. I have tried to make rock structure can find something to keep them together

    1. beautiful how the secondary top rock fits into the curve of the others next to it. Great work Michael. I wish I had made it to your interview at 303! I almost went. I had no idea you were being interviewed until afterwards. Was it filmed?

  3. I really enjoy watching you build this creations. I think it’s really cool how when you are done you wash your creation down with some of the river water. You are truly amazing man. You must be very at peace with yourself and with God to have the patience to do this.

  4. Sure do love these, and enjoy seeing them, and would love to learn to do, at some point! But, I have this nagging thing in my head that keeps telling me I’m supposed to leave ‘nature’ as I find it! Do you ever get that ‘nag’ in your head and do you ever go back and remove some of your creations?? Definitely a fan.

  5. Wish I could see this work in progress. But I probably wouldn’t have the patience to be still that long. If you are the artist it’s different than just observing. I never cease to be impressed! Thank you.

  6. Greeting the storm, clever title
    There is a wonderful, or I thought he was a wonderful gentleman,
    He referred to that a few rimes,
    Wish I could have ever sent him your work but he didn’t take donations

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