Gravity Glue | Direct Transmission (2018)

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I would like to introduce the most recent (7th) edition of my annual video compilations — featuring my stonework throughout the recent year, as well as some music that influenced my creative flow.

The music selection in this case was more spontaneous than usual, in that the blend came by surprise but just seemed to fit in time and space…as they’ve influenced me over several years. Naturally, their spirit feels more comprehensive in illustrating the nuances of my daily practice, or what “Gravity Glue” even means. . . Also, the tracks are close relatives in bpm from my DJ library. So i had the extra pleasure of mixing them together to create this extended audio/visual river of sorts.

I’ve always considered Gravity Glue creations as “brilliant expressions of zen” — rooted in meditation — channelling THE source — creating a kind of zero point in my experience of nature. Then I was listening to an Alan Watts lecture recently (surprise!), where he described Zen as a kind of “Direct Transmission” — in which one intuitively understands, without the need for language, which struck me precisely as way to describe this strange entity called “Gravity Glue”

So everything fell into place in the form of this video ~

Something to note, is that there are countless nuances that i meticulously threaded together with the music, so i would recommend multiple viewings. . .

Most of the scenes included here were recorded in Boulder Creek, Boulder, CO, USA as part of my daily practice/obsession. . . others were recored in Nepal, and some others at Sonic Bloom Festival 2018 in Colorado as well.

=== Viewing Recommendations ===

BIG Screen

BIG Sound

BIG Heart


a short film about nothing


====== MUSIC ======

All music is under copyright and ownership of its respective artist. More music by these artists can be found in the following links. . .


Tipper – “Flares at dawn”



Valentin Stip – “Nwia”



Forss – “Paradigm Shift” + “Flickermood” (Zero Point Blend)


+ random birds and humans

Selection, design, cinematography, filming, editing, sampling, mixing by MG


~ Namaste ~


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