Here is a compilation of video highlights from my work throughout 2015. similar to my four previous years’ releases.. but i must say this was by far the most prolific creation thus far. hardest part again was narrowing down clips to include. . .

general process this year revolved much more around international travel. lots more risk. lots more throwing myself, in a sense, ‘into the abyss’, which tends to carry an inherent proportion of magic.

i more or less dropped myself in locations for 1-2 weeks to face each microcosm head on; weather, tides, rocks, people, animals, sunsets, sunrises, moonrises… most useful travel tools were rain coats, umbrellas, and an excessive supply of fresh lens cloths.

there are a lot of scenes in here that would’ve been next to impossible without the energetic input of several new and lifelong friends along the way. so to all those people (you know who you are), special thanks for being there in those moments ! <3

favorite clip? hmmm… impossible to tell… but i think the fullmoon rise timelapse kinda happened via unknown genius. which was August 2015.

All the music details are listed in the vimeo description with links. i highly recommend exploring further cuz both producers make nice things, also the whole Project Mooncircle label includes several more talented artists..!

***good sound device recommended. also fullscreen HD.


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  1. mesmerizing Michael. You are just as gifted as a film maker as you are at stone balancing. Thank you for such a beautiful film and for all the beauty and balance you bring to this dimension.

  2. Que maravilla!
    Impecable trabajo artístico, con la estética única e inconfundible a la que estamos acostumbrados!
    Admiración absoluta a la distancia, gracias por la inspiración… :)

  3. Thank you for expressing your talent and revealing the magic of the natural elements. It is so pure, so powerful. I feel the energy and the love. Makes me full of joy.

  4. These posts are like a moment of freedom in my Facebook feed of social madness… I’ve come to depend on these. Thank you for the “push” to just take a time out for what actually matters to me… Simplicity, beauty, and balance.

  5. My boys and I just watched this and the seven year old said …”this is so beautiful, how does he do that? …Gravity is amazing” inspiring the little ones too! :) we often stack rocks when we are around the water but, what you do is brilliant. Thank you for sharing with all of us!

  6. you are so inspiring to me, Michael. I want to thank you for reminding me, with Gravity Glue, of the value(s) of indescribable, timeless moments & the awe of wonder & magic. Nature endlessly shows of unconditional love even as she is taken for granted & harmed. May timelessness love the great Earth despite man’s ignorance forever & ever…

  7. Thank you for sharing this and your daily creations – I can’t tell you how delighted I am every time I see one, and to have this compilation that was so playful and beautiful is just fantastic!

  8. Absolutely brilliant work
    Thank you so much for sharing your talent
    I do hope one day to watch you create one of your balances
    I love looking at your photos showing your creations

  9. Hope you realize what a marvelous gift you have been given, wherever it came from! Your art is beyond beautiful, thanks for sharing! Balance on Michael Grab. May the gravity be with you. :-)

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