“If one considers, then, that a man’s every action, not only his books, in some way becomes the occasion for other actions, decisions, and thoughts; that everything which is happening is inextricably tied to everything which will happen; then one understands the real immortality, that of movement: what once has moved others is like an insect in amber, enclosed and immortalized in the general intertwining of all that exists.”
Human, All-Too-Human :
Part One

The aspect I like most about this creation is the extremely narrow gap under the top with such a small contact point. This was the reason  i kept the rocks dry, so the size of contact could be seen for it’s true size..




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  1. We are stardust, 100 million year old carbon. Oxygen. Nitrogen. Oxygen. Calcium. From the stars to the stars. We have all done this before and we’ll do it again.

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