# 11,235

Actually i have no idea what number this is. I was just reading about Fibonacci. But I’ve always felt an inexplicable presence around my formations in the creek. I used to describe it as spirits dancing among the gardens. But perhaps it’s always been the fairies that inhabit these valleys. Maybe they are the puppet masters in their own selfish scheme of build their palaces. I don’t mind. :)

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  1. Joanne DiPinto

    I look at these formations of rock art, and I feel so relaxed. Thank you. You are blessed with a special gift! God Bless you for sharing.

  2. Dave Branch

    Of course I love all this. As a lifelong musician, and a divorced father of two, I find refuge in the summer at a nearby river much like yours. I will begin to try to balance…and, in truth, balance is what is needed in this world…balance of opportunity, balance of reality and philosophy, balance of science and spirituality. Too many are forced into imbalance by human needs and societal demands, by health and diet issues, by worldly insecurity and fear. In the end balance IS justice, yet so much of this world prevents even the seeking of one’s own river.
    Thanks for being an inspiration into what is meant by an infinite number of possibilities!

  3. Rebecca

    Over an hour now, searching each one – minute stories and sensations in each one. THANK YOU for bringing your gift to me.

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