I arrived to Hummingbird Ranch a day early, mostly to sink into the space a bit, and find some interesting rocks for my installation. One of the first rocks I found was this heart rock! One of the nicest ones i’ve found thus far throughout my vigorous explorations. the ridge across its face had just the right swing. the moss was a brilliant gold against the pinkish, red rock. So i decided to pause my search to make this simple balance, partly in awe of the overcast afternoon light. 

This heart was not an easy thing to balance, mostly because of it’s enormous size. but as usual, i saw no other way. It ended up becoming a kind of center piece in my installation… not necessarily cuz i enjoy balancing heart rocks (can be a bit cliche at times) but more so because i *know the symbol triggers certain emotions in people. plus it was a bit too gargantuan and pretty to leave out. :))

I was pretty intent on taking the rock with me after the festival. however, I experienced a few minor transformations throughout the weekend. various personal contemplations. i spent lots of time entranced in my process. . . ended up coming to several conclusions on different subjects… one of which was about keeping the heart rock. it didn’t feel right anymore. it wasn’t mine to take. the land revealed it to me for a reason, and it went on to have a large impact via my installation. there were also a few other humans who wanted to take it home with them after the festival. so i took the rock and hid it in a place on site where no one will find it unless through pure serendipity. just as i did. and then maybe if i ever return, perhaps it will be waiting. or not.

(Written 24 Jun 2015)

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  1. I’m sure you’ve heard that a heart-shaped stone is a message from someone who loves you. When helping my dad clean out his house, I opened a very small box my [deceased] mother had decorated, and inside was a little heart-shaped stone.

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