Stone Balance. 24 January 2016. Colorado, USA.

Not sure if i would have the patience to rebuild this one. . nice that it worked out this time. creation time, including initial variations, 5ish hours. . . brrrrrrrrrrr… lifespan? who knows i left it up. but when the slightest breeze blows, there will be nothing left but the base. why? cuz all the rocks require the total weight above to hold position. the extreme tension involved in suspending the huge top, essentially over air, on top of a precarious scissor formation, requires some serious mental & physical endurance, not to mention steady hands. no need for a gym. not much of a people person anyway.

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  1. You absolutely routinely amaze me and, believe me, that is not easy. I am the most jaded person I know. I don’t know how many people get it, but I feel like I do. That’s why I’ve introduced your work to my young granddaughters and they get it too. The youngest one, almost immediately. That reaffirmed for me just how special you are.

  2. while on holiday you inspired me to try a bit of stone balancing…, can’t believe what you manage to do, my little stones kept me quiet for hours :) love seeing your work :)

    1. i don’t deal in universals. i take each circumstance as it comes, with safety in mind. . this spot was fine to leave it… especially since i’m returning to it today.

  3. “not much of a people person anyway.” And yet, here you are giving us glimpses into a world and a talent we all respect and envy. Your art speaks for you. And that’s pretty amazing.

  4. Someday you’ll have to photoshop a truly impossible design just to see if we are all convinced you have no limits. I’m not much of a people person either, so how about I just silently watch sometime. Spring works for me :)

    1. Gwynne Platz : I was wondering the same thing. Difficult (if not impossible) to gauge actual sizes without something of reference. I thought they were all small rocks until you asked and Michael responded!

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