Most creations are daily whims; somehow advancing my own bar through each session. success or “failure” included.

Stone Balance is my jam; maybe the one thing I can’t not put my dedicated creative energy into. I was first inspired by an experience. Fell in love. Practiced my heart out for no apparent reason. Discovered balancing is actually a global phenomenon, though relatively undeveloped at the time according to my utopic visions. Along the way I began picking up bits and pieces of inspiration, sometimes directly, from people I considered to be international masters / contemporary pioneers of balance. Always learning, while experimenting countless (often new) styles, creations, and variations along the way.  In that sense it feels as though I’ve been given the privilege to the occasional evolutionary step back into the pool… at least in the realm  of stone balance — who knows maybe lifestyle too? Maybe part of why I continue to enjoy my work/play so much is for that ecstatic feeling to create NEW. I must say it’s an inspiration in itself to inspire others to practice more. .

We all sort of eat food that other people cook, and wear clothing that other people make, and speak a language that other people have evolved, and use someone else’s mathematics; and we’re sort of taking from this giant pool constantly, and the most ecstatic thing in the whole world is to actually put something back into that pool. It’s the most ecstatic thing that i’ve encountered, so i would highly recommend it.

Steve Jobs (Speech to the Academy of Achievement ~ 1982)

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