“Ecopsychology explores how to develop emotional bonds with nature.[1] It considers this to be worthwhile because when nature is explored and viewed without judgement, it gives the sensations of harmony, balance, timelessness and stability.”

~ Wiki: Ecopsychology       Thanks JZ*


Rock balancing and land art in general, epitomizes the concept of “Ecopsychology” in my experience. The very nature of balancing stones and being immersed in the sights and sounds of Earth is a surefire method to develop emotional bonds with Nature.  This bond easily collapses the walls our culture builds between spirituality, nature, and everyday life.  One of the most beneficial experiences in life for EVERYONE is cultivating an intimate relationship with the natural world rather than perpetuating a paradigm of separation.

It is my strong belief that introducing nature art and especially stone balance to kids AND people of all ages, through academic channels, workshops, or whatever, can develop healthier ways of connecting personally, inter-personally, and on societal levels with environment.  I think it is also healthy for people to learn how to be comfortable with solitude.  Stone balancing is a largely solitary process as it relies very much on the meditative aspect. We are social beings, but the spiritual layer of experience to many is a seemingly solitary phenomenon, as experienced by each Point of Consciousness.. However, by exploring our spiritual and emotional connection, one will realize that we are not separated but connected to a very deep oneness of the universe… infinite leaves from the tree of Zen.

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