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Catarata Llanos del Cortés, Costa Rica.
(English: Llanos del Cortez Waterfall)
spent sunrise here listening to howler monkeys. also had ‘jesus lizards’ skipping by me over the water while i ‘worked’. nice day overall. frustrating balance, but ultimately realized. really really beautiful place! the vegetation and feel of the forest keeps giving me deja vu from Taiwan.

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  1. she looks like a Taiwanese goddess of the falls! =D So silent and slender standing amongst the wisdom of the tree with the majesty of the falls in the background! Peace! <3 B| <3

  2. Absolutely beautiful for all the right reasons! . . . . Michael, after a day like this, could you – would you – say without exaggeration, that your life is kinda good beyond your wildest dreams these days?

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