You must understand
I am not anyone that you really know
You feel this,
deep down,
and you understand it.
We only share a common bond
of Geography.
The bucket that was prepared for me
would not contain me.
One cannot plan for that.
It is never your fault.
I am just larger than the
average life.
It is much more of a burden
than any blessing.
It even took me many years
to understand it.
I thought that I could fit in there;
that I could remain at
a medium height.
that almost killed me.
I feel the World shift
and slip away.
I see the terror,
in people’s faces.
It is such that it consumes me,
at times.
I bear a weight that is both disgusting
and disappointing,
also tremendously
Sometimes I feel like an actor,
pretending to go along with other people’s illusions,
I feel that I have found


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  1. Here’s an idea why don’t you condense and just send out once every 3 days with a longer one that we can scroll through I was getting worried that your side has been here you’re going to wear your welcome out

    1. hi Tracy, there is no other way to do it for now.. it’s just something you will have to accept or change yourself. my last priority at the moment is overposting and “wearing out my welcome”. first priority for now is getting the website up to date in the shortest amount of time so i can continue my ongoing work/play at a usual daily rate. my best recommendation for you now is to unfollow my blog and keep track of my facebook page.. cuz right now that is getting little to zero activity until everything is balanced. thanks for your understanding.

  2. Love your work, but you are sending way too many per day the past two days. Do you have a new social director or are ya just bored?? Once a week should be your max or you will lose subscribers, which is not your goal.

    1. Thanks! :) you may want to unsubscribe for some time because i’m updating the site with old work… still hundreds of posts to go. choice is yours. but i will be posting frequently as i update things.

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