If you want to know something,
go elsewhere.
If you want to un-know everything,
then sit and listen.

~ Adyashanti ~


This place on the creek is indeed one of my favorites.  I pay it a visit each fall for at least a day long balance session… The way the sun interacts with the tree canopy creates a general enchantment of the space, not to mention excellent photo opportunities…  There are a few photos I have taken over the years of my day-long visits to this place. The first visit was during my first summer learning to balance… The space usually inspires interesting creations; ones that challenge my years of practice all while playing with interesting proportions, shapes, colors, etc.. The pool below this small waterfall is too deep to use less than a telephoto lens. Though I really like the perspective here.. especially with the lighting of a half clouded sun. One of the more subtle yet powerful elements of this space that encourages meditation is the deafening rush of water over the the fall. Its constant flow is loud but quickly fades into the background of my conscious attention. If one sits and listens in this space they WILL have a meaningful experience…


The following photos are from past seasons at the same place.. (2010 and 2008 respectively)


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  1. I love your blog…the quotes you use, the reflections you write, the photography and, especially, your art. Thank you for sharing this! Many blessings…